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We have a two year warranty on our products.  Good only for normal use.  We don’t cover abuse, (you know what I mean).  Most repairs can be done by phone walk through. If not ship it to us and we fix it in a day and get it shipped back.  You only pay shipping both ways.

You or your actor is holding the button down too long.  This can damage the ZZ and let’s be honest if the button is held down that long it just annoying and not scary.  

How to fix it:

Wait 30 seconds and it will work again.  Turning it off and on again only resets the 30 second time wait.  

Absolutely, give us a call and we might be able to walk you though the repair.  If not ship us the ZZ with your address, phone # and email information.  You just pay for parts, labor, and return shipping.


Ship To:

Scare Innovations

810 Impson St

Bokchito OK 74726

Yes, but only on the outside of the unit.  If we have to make repairs we will try is keep your modifications intact.

It should last the whole night, now that being said….  It depends on the actor using it. 

Spook, Shock and Awe, with a 2 Yr Warranty


27490 HWY 70 
PO BOX 232


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